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Louvre H945 x W900


Stud opening sizes for reveal windows ONLY.

Height - 995mm
Width - 950mm
Weight - 19kg

Don't have the options you want? Contact our custom design team here to get a quote.

At WDS we use the industry leading Breezeway louvre system and Aero Louvres . Breezway offers a new generation, high performance louvre window designed specifically for Australia’s weather and climate. View the benefits of Breezway louvres hereAero Louvre Powered by Alspec™ are a versatile, stylish window choice that enhance the look and feel of any home while delivering environmental benefits and keeping occupants safe and protected.

Energy Efficiency

  • Increased energy efficiency, health and productivity of building occupants.
  • Reduced need for air conditioning to keep the room at a comfortable temperature, saving electricity and the running costs of a building.
  • Low U-values required for energy efficiency compliance/excellence.
  • Appropriate U-values and ventilation for all climate zones.

     Photo is inside looking out to show Hardware.